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Properties And Benefits

Present in the New Year's Eve supper of most Brazilian families, lentil is a very nutritious food. Concentrating nutrients whose importance includes the treatment of problems of health and prevention of many others, the vegetable can be used not only in special day but throughout the nutritional routine of those who crave to be with the beautiful body and the body functioning properly . Lentil has just over 120 calories in each 100-gram serving, and contains a good amount of fiber, iron, B vitamins, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, protein and carbohydrates.

Food related to luck, lentil has nutritional importance that goes beyond superstitions, and its consumption is recommended for all, mainly pregnant women, infants, children and young people, due to the high amount of iron. To buy is easy. The product is available in major supermarkets or stores products natural. See what are the key benefits of this incredible food for health.

Excellent to treat anemia - Being rich in iron, lentils are an excellent food to combat anemia frame. So be sure to include it in your child's eating routine.

Effective for bone health - Due to the good amount of calcium, lentils are an important food for the bones and can prevent cases of osteoporosis or other diseases .

Functioning of the digestive system - The lentil is a legume of great use for goodBenefits of lentil for healthDigestion because of the fibers. By ingesting it regularly you will avoid constipation problems and even more serious ones.

Minimizes the effects of premenstrual syndrome - Thanks to the action of a nutritional property called lignans, lentils helps to decrease the characteristic symptom picture of this period.

Detoxifies the body - the vegetable is good to detoxify the body through absorption of toxins.

Promotes energy and disposal - Who needs courage and willingness to do more captious tasks at work or even that will to start classes at the gym, you may include lentil on the menu that the good effect will come. The iron of the vegetable, which is also effective in the treatment of anemia, helps in this other function.

Strengthening the immune system - The food anginina is an element that strengthens the defense cells of the body. Consequently, those who have lentils in their food will be less likely to catch colds, flu and other infectious diseases.

Losing weight - Greater benefit to the fitness class. Lentil is an excellent ally for those who wish to keep their bodies in shape because of the regulation promoted in the digestive system. In addition, thanks to the combination of nutrients, the vegetable promotes a sensation of satiety, so you will no longer have that undesired and catastrophic hunger in a short period, something so harmful for those who want to lose weight.

Low cholesterol - Nutrients Lentil help lower the level of blood sugar, which causes the reduction of bad cholesterol (LDL). With LDL normalized, you will be much less likely to develop various health problems.

More Benefits

Fundamental to blood health, lentils prevent atherosclerosis, strengthen the body's liver function and also prevent different types of cancer.

Because of the presence of folic acid, the food has essential utility for pregnant women and the health of the baby, because this acid is effective for babies in the process of formation.

Little Lentil Preparation Tip

To make the healthy habit delicious, it is valid to create interesting recipes with lentil. How about making a mix with vegetables, other vegetables, bits of cheese and serving over lunch?